Express Yourself!

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“Express yourself!  You gotta be you and only you, babe….”

Show everyone how you express yourself and be featured on the BE You! board. It’s like signing my website with your signature self. -Do me the honor and let me know you’ve been here.

How does it work? Send me a couple of your favorite pics, and in a few words tell me what you love about you. Don’t be shy! Shine bright like the diamond you are.  The spotlight is on YOU!

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Color Me Spring 2017


Are you on HUE?

All That with an Ankle Strap!

Mirror, Mirror…

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They say happiness is looking in the mirror and liking what you see.  Well, what do you see?

Now, before you answer, I need you to raise your right hand and repeat after me: “I promise to tell myself the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help My Life!” (Remember, TRUE happiness is not an image.)  

Best Dressed GUEST

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Project RENT the Runway | Vol. 1

The Best Dressed “Guest” List…


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Rent the pieces…

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Stylist Note: Be sure to check out the customer feedback before making your final selections for sizing tips and wardrobe tricks. Should you need more personalized assistance, feel free to contact me.

The Style Commandments

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The 10 Commandments of Personal Style 

1. Embrace your individual style. Personal style is not about looking like everyone else. It’s exuding the best version of yourself. Once you’ve embraced your individual style, you’ll notice that most of your purchases become interchangeable with the rest of your wardrobe.

2. Wear proper, well-fitting undergarments. 

3. Dress for your body type. No matter what your size or shape, everything is not for everyBODY.

4. Dress for your age. For example:  Early 20’s – Band-aid mini; Mid 30’s – pencil skirt.

5. Wear your clothes with confidence. Confidence is sexy!  

6. Dress appropriately for the season, occasion and environment. Pumps for the office, stilettos for a night out. 

7. Don’t be a slave to brands and/or trends. 

8. Step outside the box. Create your own trends and see #5.

9. Be comfortable. If you have to constantly check it or adjust it, don’t wear it! This will make #5 impossible to pull off.

10. Leave something to the imagination. There’s nothing wrong with showing off a little cleavage or leg, just know how much is too much and don’t do both at the same time. 

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