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Shopping List:

Helene Berman beret $95

HAUTE ROGUE sweater $35.99

Jean-Michel Cazabat pumps $277

Peserico skirt $237.99

A.P.C. jumpsuit $327

Style File: Maximized with a Slouch


Rent the Dress

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                   Steve Madden $169

Fashion Rant #1: The Nameplate

Fashion Rants

Personal views on Fashion/Style trends we wish would disappear and never return!

Raise your hand if you’re tired of seeing the designers nameplate stamped or embossed on the front of a handbag! You know, like the big gold raised plate that looks like someone took some glue to it and slapped it front and center on the bag…. It was one thing when it was only being done by brands that you would never associate with quality but it has now worked its way up the totem poll and become the new IT thing to do… Then there’s the price tags that are attached to them 🙁  It truly disturbs me and often hurts my feeling to see these beautiful, quality bags ruined by these eye sores. Granted, there are some (very few) that have been done tastefully but for the most part, it just looks tacky!

Designers, With all due respect…

What happened to the days when quality and design represented the brand????


Fall 2017 Trend – RED

This Seasons “IT” Color – RED

Here’s how to incorporate IT into your Fall/Winter wardrobe…

Which colors work best with RED?

I could simply tell you – but I’m an artist, so I created this visual instead…

See something you like? Head on over to My Favs and Own IT!

Tips for Purchasing Knits

The 3 Point Rub Check

Here is my proven system that I highly recommend using before purchasing knits to avoid skin irritation, hair snagging, the constant need for a lint brush, and those unsightly lint balls.

Step 1: Rub the article against your face (sans make-up of course) or your inner forearm. Is it scratchy?

Step 2: Rub the article against another garment in white or black cotton. Are you in desperate need of a lint brush?

Step 3: Rub the fabric together a few times? Are lint balls starting to form?

If you answered yes to any of these questions – PUT THE GARMET BACK ON THE RACK and Walk Away.

Simple as 1, 2, 3!

*SN: Never Eva Eva wash your knits without first placing in a mesh laundry bag and be sure to only use cold water.

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